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Jerry Lewis Was the Quintessential American Jew - He wanted to believe he was an ordinary American. But his success came from the tension his difference created.
For decades, Wunsiedel, a German town near the Czech border, has struggled with a parade of unwanted visitors. It is the birthplace of one of Adolf HitlerТs deputies, a man named Rudolf Hess. And every year, to residentsТ chagrin, neo-Nazis marched to his grave site there.
For decades, Wunsiedel, a German town near the Czech border, has struggled with a parade of unwanted visitors. It is the birthplace of one of Adolf HitlerТs deputies, a man named Rudolf Hess. And every year, to residentsТ chagrin, neo-Nazis marched to his grave site there.
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?Academic Essay Producing: Some Guidelines The following is influenced by an original document by Bethan Davies with revisions by John McKenna, D. Robert Ladd, and Ellen G. Bard belonging to the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences within the University of Edinburgh. Reasonable essay producing is actually a talent acquired rather than learnt. Approaches vary from person to person and will depend on oneвАЩs know-how in essay producing, almost to the point where a style of creating will be as individual as a signature. You may presently be relatively comfortable crafting essays and if so, you will have a definite think for what is effective for you. If, relating to the other hand, you will be new within the game or really do not seem to be to be having the marks you think your efforts deserve, then we encourage you to definitely follow the advice in Section two on preparation and research. The same applies to Section 3 on structure and Section four on style, but the contents of these sections are also able to serve as a basis for self-assessment-even for that experienced-before that final draft is submitted. You can find a checklist in the end-use it! You should pay back special attention to Section four.3 on stylistic conventions, as there may be very little scope for flexibility on these matters inside a particular academic discipline. Throughout this short guide we make use of the term вАЬessayвАЭ to mean any sort of academic creating assignment which you hand in for a course. In economics you will be required to develop several different written assignments, and only a number of them will be вАЬessaysвАЭ inside feeling that the term would be put to use inside a history or literature course. Others will be concise reports of experiments or descriptions of economic or other details. However, they are all referred to herein as вАЬessays,вАЭ and most belonging to the principles of clarity, organization and presentation apply to them all. Permit yourself enough time. As soon as you operate continuously on your essay right up to the deadline, there is certainly a very excessive likelihood that you simply wonвАЩt have done yourself (or the topic) justice. So make a rough timetable. Aim to have what you subjectively think really is a вАЬfinalвАЭ draft at least two days before the submission deadline. Make use of the remaining days to report your give good results at well-spaced intervals. This will help you seem significantly more objectively at your very own do the job. First-plan! Really don't just start out creating, and hope that it will succeed out to start with time: plenty of people find out that their ideas and arguments build up during the routine of planning and/or composing. The whole operation is very a lot of an iterative just one and you should expect to be creating over one particular draft. As you will be required to operation your succeed electronically, editing and re-drafting may be a relatively uncomplicated task. Feasible solutions (among several) for becoming started include: вАҐ list the points you intend to cover, then try to group them according to some wide-spread factor вАҐ summarize your answer to the question in a single line, then list the evidence you have for that summary (strongest evidence for starters?) вАҐ get started with producing and see what develops вАҐ summarize every intended paragraph in a single line, and see how they relate to the question вАҐ generate a series of separate paragraphs (one particular for every single area you ought to cover), each individual over a separate piece of paper, and then try to order them вАҐ leave the introduction and summary until youвАЩve written the rest on the essay (a powerful favourite) two.3 Relevance to Question Although this may sound obvious, a lot of essays lose marks for containing material that is definitely simply irrelevant. Make sure which you check out the assignment sheet thoroughly and are sure about what it asks for before you launch reading for your essay. While you are you're reading, bear in mind what sort of material that you're on the lookout for in order to address the assigned topic. Even if you happen to do come across a lot of interesting material when researching on your essay, be selective. Interesting material wonвАЩt gain you extra marks unless it is relevant. Remember that relevance does not only apply to the material you use, but also the way which you use it. Summarizing every single relevant research area for an essay does not constitute an answer: you ought to orient the material you use towards the assigned topic. Part of what you must have to learn consists of relationships among ideas. It is in addition a advantageous policy to check your final draft with this in mind. Go through every single paragraph and ask yourself whether it addresses the topic. It is all too effortless to drift absent from the point. 3. Structure and Content An important talent of essay crafting is learning how to structure what you need to say. All essays should have an introduction as well as a summary. In most cases these will be your initial and last paragraphs, respectively, although once youвАЩve mastered the art of essay crafting, you will be able to vary your structure somewhat. Inside a technical write-up, the order is often prescribed or logically dictated by the material (e.g. methods before effects). But even in a very technical write-up the introductory section may itself be like a mini-essay that aims to make a point. Inside of your introduction, say: вАҐ what the essay is about; e.g. вАЬIn this essay I shall consider the question of вА¶.вАЭ вАҐ what material you intend to cover; e.g. вАЬI will appear at вА¶.вАЭ вАҐ what argument you intend to follow; e.g. вАЬI will suggest that вА¶.вАЭ Finally, enable it to be clear where your introduction ends and then the rest of your essay begins; i.e. launch a new paragraph! 3.1.two Body on the Essay A well-structured essay should consist of the series of paragraphs that progress logically through the series of points that you just intend to cover. Obviously, the difficult part is working out what that order should be. In essence, an essay can be an argument, so your structure should be in accordance with the particulars of your argument. Remember that fine essays really don't just give evidence for his or her point of look at, but also demonstrate why opposing views are flawed. Imagine a reader, then try to predict their objections to your argument, and then demonstrate why they are wrong. 3.1.3 Summary Your essay should have a definite ending, on the variety of the summary. In this article you should summarize what it tends to be that you have mentioned in the essay, stating what your answer to the question is and why. Often, there isn't a basic answer (which is why that you're crafting an essay, and not a two-mark answer with a class exam), so you should state what the complexities belonging to the issue are. You may really feel that you simply are repeating yourself, given that the body of your essay should have made your argument clear previously, but the reader will appreciate a awesome summary. Originality is just one with the hardest things to accomplish in an essay, but any effort you make at being original will be noticed by the marker. This doesnвАЩt mean which you should invent a new theory each individual time you be able to write an essay. It's possible to nonetheless accomplish originality within a range of smaller ways, these as making up your very own examples rather than utilising ones straight from books, relating popular examples to your private know-how, or perhaps trying to make new connections around particular viewpoints. You may not be the initially to make these connections, but that doesnвАЩt make them any less valid or interesting. This shows the person reading your essay which you have engaged with the topic and really thought about it, rather than just regurgitating what you browse within the course textbook, or whatever. Reading through some other books or papers on top of that to, say, the two or three that everybody else is utilising, is likewise most likely to help you to definitely gain a wider perspective relating to the question that you are studying. All published academic is effective contain bibliographies that can point you to definitely other papers. Make use of the on-line library catalogue to search for your books held by the University Library. In some areas, the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), now on hand from the on-line University Library (by way of Online of Science, for example), will help you to definitely search for any publication mentioned on the bibliography of any journal article. It will also let you search for any publication citing your focus on article in its bibliography. In an Honours essay, you should glimpse all around a bit to see whether anyone else has now made an argument which you believe you have been the for starters to operate out. Your Essay Supervisor will be able to direct you towards the right material. Do not be discouraged at any time you come across like work-develop it. The use of examples is essential into a useful essay. Each individual point you make should be supported by a particular or two reputable examples. But remember that implementing an example is in itself not sufficient to aid your point of look at. Be explicit in stating why this example is brilliant evidence of your argument. Also, you never want a lot of these: 1 pertinent example is far alot more effective than three mediocre ones. Inside of the case of economic examples, you should also be very careful to make clear the context. Being able to analyze the varied factors that can shape a particular situation can be an important ability to acquire. Often you will be given a word limit, or suggested size for an essay. Use this specifics to gauge the amount of detail, and degree of coverage that may be expected. Obviously, an essay of 1500 words will have a narrower focus and will require greater summarizing skills than just one of 3000 words. Being able to extract what is important about a particular paper, and to summarize it, is undoubtedly an invaluable ability that is applied in all kinds of real-world situations (to apply the at the moment fashionable jargon, it is definitely a вАЬtransferable skillвАЭ). Note that markers will penalize essays that are too extensive. Keeping to the limit tells the marker that you simply understand what is important inside of your argument. four Presentation and Style Although there is not any strict convention on layout, do consider how the essay looks around the web site. Several studies have demonstrated that presentation does have a subconscious effect on markers, even if theyвАЩre not explicitly marking on that criterion. For longer essays with distinct sections, you may consider working with headed sections as in these guidelines. Doing so may disrupt the flow for the essay, however. For essays of less than 1500 words, it is unlikely that you simply will ought to section. You may believe that a diagram could help illustrate a point. This has the extra effect of breaking up vast chunks of textual content that tend to be subconsciously off-putting to the reader. But beware the extra complexities involved in formatting your document (those that incorporate the diagram electronically) or the additional time required to include a diagram by hand. Some versions belonging to the software in existence on public machines yield graphics that cannot be printed from other machines. Give yourself time to take a look at for potential glitches of this sort. What constitutes вАЬgood styleвАЭ is a single with the hardest things to state explicitly, and is perhaps the criterion most open to personal variation. But there are some points which you should bear in mind. A particular of these points tends to be that that you're composing an academic essay, and as this kind of, are required to employ a reasonably formal style of crafting. This does not mean which you should be obscure, or use impossibly lengthy sentences with multisyllabic words, but you should avoid being overly colloquial. Alot more importantly, you should: вАҐ Be explicit . Remember that you simply should be composing your essay for someone who has a general background while in the general subject area, but doesnвАЩt necessarily specialize in that particular topic. Also, really do not leave the reader to infer your conclusions-state them explicitly. вАҐ Use sign-posts . Make your essay easier to scan by being explicit (that word again!) about your essay structure; e.g. вАЬIn the next section I will вА¶вАЭ or вАЬAs I have argued previously вА¶.вАЭ вАҐ Avoid extended sentences . Be wary of convoluted syntactic structures-they may very well be fun to analyze, however they might be difficult to read through. Go for short sentences: once you have a sentence even more than three or four lines longer, then it probably needs to be broken up into simpler structures. вАҐ Avoid very long paragraphs . Try to avoid creating paragraphs even more than ten or 15 lines very long. Lengthy blocks of textual content have a negative subconscious effect within the reader. Of course, points now and then take increased area to make, but in case you realize yourself composing a prolonged paragraph, ask yourself: вАЬShould I break this point in to sub-points?вАЭ You could then connect the sub-points with linking sentences in the beginning and/or conclude of every in the smaller paragraphs. вАҐ Really do not imagine that the reader knows what you mean . In the event you imagine a reader, really don't imagine the marker, whose knowledge you will probably exaggerate! Imagine another student as part of your class. This should help you to definitely be explicit about definitions and be helpful in relation to sign-posting. Basically, think of all the reading you did to the essay youвАЩve just written: what made each individual belonging to the articles and/or books easier or harder to look at? four.3 Stylistic Conventions Finally, there are quite a lot of points of grammar and style which you should be aware of, plus a amount of detailed conventions that you just should follow. These are discussed inside following subsections. four.3.1 Style and Grammar A number of stylistic points are listed below. Use your private judgement: do not use complicated structures simply to avoid these varieties, but really do not deliberately wave the red flag when you really don't will have to. Your tests should be вАЬDoes it sound awkward?вАЭ and вАЬIs my meaning clear?вАЭ вАҐ Split infinitives . вАЬTo boldly go вА¶.вАЭ This can be described as classic case of the puristic proscription that bears modest link to the way most people talk and craft. Nonetheless, it is useful to practice phrasing your sentences so as to avoid split infinitives, since for creating that you choose to do outdoors Economics courses they may be ruled out completely. вАҐ Use within the number one person . In any academic producing the repeated usage of вАЬIвАЭ is inappropriate (as is the repetition of any word or phrase), but for a multitude of people it is preferable to utilise вАЬIвАЭ occasionally instead of вАЬthe writerвАЭ or similar phrases. As with split infinitives, however, note that some conventions completely prohibit the use of вАЬIвАЭ. In reports of experimental show results, вАЬweвАЭ is often seen as a first-rate substitute for вАЬIвАЭ. This is partly mainly because the use with the very first person is additional necessary to describe the experimental procedure, but also, the use of your plural makes a statement of belief less a personal opinion, plus more a collective viewpoint. The use from the вАЬeditorial вАШweвАЩвАЭ is therefore often acceptable in the piece of academic crafting. вАҐ Masculine generic terms . The use of masculine generic terms these as вАЬmanвАЭ and вАЬheвАЭ to refer to the two males and females is now avoided in most academic composing. A useful alternative to generic вАЬheвАЭ is to work with plural constructions that will permit the use of вАЬthey.вАЭ Poor spelling, reasonably or not, gives the impression of carelessness and laziness. Since your essay will be processed electronically, utilize the spell checker! But never rely on it exclusively-proofread your essay carefully too. Never quote with the sake of quoting. You should only make use of a quotation whenever you are unable to say something more beneficial, not just considering you canвАЩt be bothered to summarize a point of see! For example, if an author has summed up their argument in a single pithy phrase, then it might probably be worth repeating. In the event you do use quotations, they should be enclosed in quote marks вАЬlike this.вАЭ Longer quotations-if absolutely necessary-may also be established off from the main body on the textual content, slightly indented and perhaps inside of a slightly smaller type size. All quotations should always be referenced by author, date, and web page selection as exemplified below. Any books or articles that you simply quote from (or even just mention) must be correctly referred to in both of those the body for the essay and inside of a references or bibliography section in the conclude in the paper. NB . In economics (as in various other fields), footnotes are never put into use solely to give bibliographic references. Footnotes should be second hand, if by any means, only to insert even more comments that stand very well exterior the main thread of your body of your textual content. In the event you quote or refer into a do the trick, give the authorвАЩs name, date of publication, and (if applicable) the site variety(s) on the body within the textual content. In the conclusion with the essay include a references section listing alphabetically by author surname all the publications that you simply have mentioned with the course of your essay. The purpose of the references section is to empower people to uncover the books and articles to which you have referred in aid if further study and to demonstrate clearly how your essay links to the relevant literature. It is not just so that the marker can see how quite a bit youвАЩve learn! During the Honours Essay guidelines (Section 8, вАЬFormatвАЭ subsection) you might obtain how the Department prefers you to definitely format your references equally on the textual content and within a references section on the stop of an essay. Unless you happen to be told otherwise by the course instructor, make use of the Departmental conventions. Essay producing could be a talent worth perfecting since the techniques you wish to master in order to put in writing sensible essays generalize very perfectly to the world outside the house academia. Elements of the ideal essay also relate to other communicative skills, this kind of as giving talks or presentations. Spending time improving your skills now certainly wonвАЩt be time wasted. Useful graduates are valued for his or her ability to communicate and express themselves fluently through the written word. Learning to structure an argument, summarize your resources, and improve your composing style now will stand you in quality stead, extensive after you escape from the realm on the red pen! вАҐ Has the spelling been checked? вАҐ Is the references section correct? Is all cited material referenced? Are there any materials that you just haven't cited (and should therefore be expunged). вАҐ Is the word duration OK? вАҐ Are my name, student variety, instructorвАЩs name, etc. on it? вАҐ Are any needed handwritten symbols, diagrams, etc. included? вАҐ Could someone read through my introduction and have a rough idea in the body? вАҐ Could someone browse through my summary and know what they would have learnt had they check out the body? вАҐ Ended up any of my arguments unsubstantiated or biased? вАҐ Did I leave the essay for a number of hours and then learn it again from the much more aim perspective? вАҐ If I changed anything even when going through this checklist did I get started again in the top for the checklist?
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«дравствуйте! можно ли получить прайс на оптовую поставку срезанных цветов? (особенно интересуют тюльпаны, нарциссы и герберы) «аранее спасибо
Ќаталь€ »спани€
ќгромное спасибо!!!ƒелала заказ из »спании все замечательно все свежее и отборное. ѕодарили огромную радость моей маме. ќдно пожелание на будущее нельз€ ли сделать оплату по визе
Ќадеждаа ѕитер
«драствуйте, а есть прайс на свадебные торты, и их фотогалере€? и прайс на букет невесты и фото, и сколько стоит доставка?
ярик (—евастополь)
—пасибо огромное за при€тнейшее общение, заботу и отлично выполненный заказ! ѕервый, но уж точно не в последний раз буду с вами сотрудничать! 3аказывал букет в ѕитер-доставили лично в руки! ¬сЄ просто —”ѕ≈–! —пасибо ещЄ раз! ’орошего дн€!
ƒобрый вечер! ќчень бы хотелось получить прайс с оптовыми ценами. «аранее спасибо.
Zuwider dir (ћосква)
Ѕольшое ¬ам человеческое спасибо!!! ќформл€ю у ¬ас сейчас второй заказ, и, думаю, больше никогда ¬ам не изменю!))) —пасибо, что ¬ы есть!!!
ѕредложение о сотрудничестве: я предприниматель из  раснодара, имею 8 летний опыт оптовых поставок краснодарских цветов в разные регионы –оссии.за последнии 2-3 года качество кубанских цветов подт€нулось до уровн€ голл. и порой превосходит его, т.к. посадочный материал и технологии выращивани€ европейские + благопр.климат.ћогу сформировать комм. предл. с ценами, жду ¬ашей заинтересованности.тел(961)532-09-90 ѕредложение о сотрудничестве: я предприниматель из  раснодара, имею 8 летний опыт оптовых поставок краснодарских цветов в разные регионы –оссии.за последнии 2-3 года качество кубанских цветов подт€нулось до уровн€ голл. и порой превосходит его, т.к. посадочный материал и технологии выращивани€ европейские + благопр.климат.ћогу сформировать комм. предл. с ценами, жду ¬ашей заинтересованности.тел(961)532-09-90 — уважением  антурин —.ћ.
«дравствуйте, не могли бы ¬ы сообщить другой ¬аш электронный адрес, на тот, который указан на сайте письма с mail.ru не отправл€ютс€
«дравствуйте,могли бы вы прислать мне прайс на опт.—пасибо
∆елаю счасть€ вэтот день, “епла от всех, кто будет р€дом. ”лыбок светлых на лице » солнечных лучей в придачу!
≈сли вас заинтересует така€ услуга, как печать на живых цветах - напишите
«аказывал букет с подарком дл€ поздравлени€ с юбилеем.«аказ делал из ћинска,реб€та все сделали на оценку - «јћ≈„ј“≈Ћ№Ќќ! ќгромное спасибо всем,кто принимал участие! ¬ы,надежные партнеры!
скажите, пожалуйста, к свадебному букету с альстромери€ми возможно доложить еще просто 3 альстромерии в голову и доставить все к 7 утра?
¬арфоломеева ≈лена
’очу сказать огромное спасибо,€ заказывала букет в —анкт-ѕетербург дл€ мамы,сама живу в якутии.ƒоставили букет воврем€,цветы все свежие и очень красиво оформили!¬ообщем подарили моей маме радость!ќтдельное спасибо ќльге,котора€ принимала у мен€ заказ и делает свою работу с душой!
сергей (ћосква)
я сам из ћосквы, девушка живет в ѕитере. —делал заказ на сайте, все прин€ли, воврем€ собрали и доставили, букет был очень красивый, девушке очеь понравилс€. ’очу сказать вам огромное спасибо за ваше внимание, такого на других сайтах мало где можно встрети
«аказывал второй раз - на этот раз позднюю доставку, все оп€ть супер! ƒевушки довольны) ѕричем заказывал в ѕитер из  иева!
Ќечего сказать - девочки молодцы... все четко, воврем€... про букеты сказать не могу - не видел :), но думаю что все в норме! »дут на встречу к пожелани€м... ћолодцы в общем...
ѕоздравл€ем ¬икторию с ƒнем –ождени€!∆елаем успехов во всех делах.
ћного знаменитых людей вышло из —ибири!Ќо самые крутые вышли из —ол€нки!—посибо вам девушки за такую красоту!!!ќсобенно тебе дочка!ѕапа
»горь ¬икторович
я живу в ћоскве, любима€ находитс€ в ѕитере. ћогу € сделать заказ и оплатить его из ћосквы?
’ороша€ контора - хорошие цветочки.. девушке очень понравились.... и персонал адекватный,  арочи все путем.... спасибо .
«аказ был сделан по телефону чуть менее, чем за сутки, при этом доставлен воврем€, без дополнительной оплаты за скорость (как на многих других сайтах). ¬ежливый и внимательный персонал. ѕо словам получателей - "замечательный букет", свежие, не ув€дшие цветы. —пасибо!
PS   сожалению не получила подтверждение о доставке букета, но это единственный недостаток. ¬ целом всЄ было замечательно, очень довольна!
¬ дополнение к предыд. сообщению: только что получила сообщение о доставке. —пасибо.
хорошо бы еще при вручении букета - прислать подтверждение на телефон. и при заказе фотки (если получатель отказалс€) прислать фотку самого букета (без получател€). p.s. огромное пасиба :)
 ирилл ’орошко
«драствуйте!я бы хотел послать цветы јнне —еменович(бывша€ участница группы "Ѕлест€щие"),но € не знаю ее новый адрес,¬ы сможете это сделать? — ”важением,  ирилл ’орошко
¬аш сервис это просто чудо! ¬ы столько радости нам доставили! —пасибо ЅќЋ№Ўќ≈!!
—пасибо огромное за то что вы есть!
¬се супер!
я больше всего переживал за оформление букета, но, оказалось, напрасно. ћоему адресату очень понравилось (а у нее безупречный вкус). » цены самые лучшие из того, что мне удалось просмотреть.
Ќе в плане критики, а как конструктивное предложение:
1. Ќеплохо было бы предложить на сайте клиенту выбор открытки.
2. ∆аль, что не работает оплата по кретиткам - в провинции (даже в относительно крупных городах) бывает очень сложно с вэбмани и €ндекс-деньгами. „ерез —бербанк - долго.

» еще - из интернет-эксплорера win98 (не помню кака€ там верси€ IE установлена) почему-то не работает кнопка "заказать". »з IE, установленного в Win’–, и из браузера Opera - все в пор€дке.
друзь€ и их коллеги
детский сад є 103 и ”правление образовани€ поздравл€ет ќльгу Ѕел€еву с днем рождени€. ∆елаем здоровь€, творчества,успехов во всем и дальнейшего процветани€ вашей фирме.
  де€тельности предпринимател€ без образовани€ юридического лица примен€ютс€ правила √ражданского  одекса –‘, которые регулируют де€тельность коммерческих организаций, если иное не вытекает из закона, иных правовых актов или существа правоотношений. “о есть индивидуальный предприниматель вправе совершать сделки, в том числе заключать договоры. ѕЅќёЋ может иметь печать, товарный знак, расчетные и иные счета в банках.
¬от интересно, »ѕ это компани€???? или что-то еще? » какую гарантию дает »ѕ, если заказ не будет выполнен? деньги то уже поступ€т на ваш счет
ja dovolno trebovatelnij klient, poetomu bez kritiki ne obojtis. malenkij minus za to, chto cherez 2 chasa posle dostavki ne soobschili kak dogovarivalis po sms. v ostalnom vsjo bilo idealno. 8 marta v uslovlennoe vremja. poluchatel ostalsja dovolen na vse 110%, a eto GLAVNOE. pridratsja ne k chemu. objazatelno obraschus escho raz. spasibo!
 урьер может передать цветы родственникам,сосед€м,консьержу или сослуживцам, в зависимости от ситуации.
≈сли оказываетс€, что при доставке заказа человека нет дома. ƒействи€ курьера?
ћитр€ев јндрей
≈ще бы за наличку...
¬сЄ отлично, заказ доставлен воврем€ и букет прекрасный!
Alex Hunter
Ѕез комментариев. Ћучший сервис на сегодн€шний день. »дут на встречу клиенту. —пасибо большое за оперативность и отзывчивость. √лубочайший ¬ам респект!
Ѕольшое человеческое спасибо!!!!!
¬се быстро и по-доброму!
ќперативно дейсвуете! » доброжелательные весьма и весьма!
...прочитал все сообщени€..верю, так как сам делал заказ...планирую еще...успехов вам реб€та, и держите марку!!!)))))
—пасибо за отличную работу!  онкуренты могут завидовать:)
Spasibo za ideal'no vipolnennii zakaz!
ј сушествует ли критика про этот сайт?
ћне кажетс€ что еЄ быть не должно ! :))
Ќе ожидал, что жив€ в  узбассе могу заказать в ѕитере подарок с доставкой в Ќовосибирск! ј уж получатель-то как был удивлен! —пасибо!
—упер! ∆ена была в восторге =)
эх, а ведь обещали в скором вемени ввести оплату по карточкам!!!! жаль. очень.
¬се было красиво! —ѕј—»Ѕќ!!!
—пасибо за критику.ћы об€зательно и в ближайшем будущем включим в существующую систему оплаты кредитные карты.
«дравствуйте, все у вас хорошо, и выбор хороший, и цены, но почему така€ идиотска€ система оплаты? Ќеужели нельз€ принимать к оплате визу например. ” мен€ нет времени разбиратьс€ с кошельками поэтому € прошу аннулировать заказ є148
Ћариса ћартынова
’очу поблагодарить ¬ашу фирму за чудесные,оригинальные букеты, которые были доставлены нашим коллегам по работе в Ќовосибирске.ћы очень хотели доставить им радость в день их профессионального праздника, и с помощью ¬ашей фирмы нам удалось на "5".
Spasibo za dostavlennuyu radost' :)
¬ера ¬икторовна
Ѕольшое спасибо за вашу работу. ¬ы единственные, кто откликнулс€ на мою просьбу, так как заказ нужно было доставить в очень короткое врем€.заказ был выполнен безукоризненно.»менинница, пожилой человек, была в восторге. ≈ще раз большое спасибо.
очень хочу поблагодарить ваших работников не только за терпение и доброжелательность при приеме и оформлении заказа, но также за оперативность и точность исполнени€ заказа.¬торой раз обращалась в вашу фирму и всегда - только положительные эмоции. —пасибо большое.
 расивый сайт!
∆елаю успехов и процветани€! ;)
«дравствуйте! ѕусть сегодн€ и 1 апрел€, но мои слова - наичистейша€ искренность и правда! ¬о-первых очень хочетс€ отметить эту замечательность сайта! Ѕравушки реб€та! ¬о-вторых понравилось, что вас можно найти в любое врем€ суток, а в те поздние часы, когда голова плохо соображает, вы с легкостью понимаете и выполн€ете поставленные задачи! “ретье - в действительности такого рода услуги отыскать было не так-то просто, оказанна€ помощь в предпразничные дни нас очень выручила. », несомненно, мы не забудем доставку торта, который совсем не входил в перечень услуг. —ѕј—»Ѕќ!!!!
ћосковское –екламное јгентство выказывает свое почтение компании Florid Hut!
ќльга, ¬иктори€! —пасибо вам огромное за отличный сервис и быстрое исполнение заказа! ќб€зательно еще загл€ну к вам! ƒо св€зи
“ать€на ¬итальевна
¬ика!¬се нравитс€.∆елаю успехов и прцветани€.
Den dobry! NAhozhus zarubezhom, hotelos by otpravit buket v SPB. Ochen zhal, chto nevozmozhno. Proshu prinyat mery!
¬ика, ќл€ праздравл€ю открытием сайта тчк
¬сех благ зпт ¬ова
ћашунтий! “ы молодца! “во€ работа как всегда гениальна!
∆елаю "÷веточной хижине" про÷¬≈“јЌ»я!!!